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Spelling Po Po

The Spelling Police
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We are the Spelling Police! Our mission is to send the clearly uneducated and the typo-licious straight to the Pokey without passing "Go" or collecting two hundred dollars.

Our goal is to re-educate the masses with regards to the finer points of proper spelling. Many schools seem to have omitted this important subject from their curriculum, as evidenced by the predominant presence of "words" such as "definately," "sensative," and "appologize."

Anyone who has spelling, vocabulary, and/or grammar questions is most welcome to post. We will formulate the best, most appropriately constructed method for expressing your complete thought and provide it to you, free of charge.

To join the Spelling Police, you must be willing to take the following Spelling Police Oath of Honor:
  • I promise that I will make a reasonable effort only to use words for which I know and can type the proper spelling.

  • I promise that I will look up words that I do not know how to spell prior to employing them in my LiveJournal and embarrassing myself in front of the world.

  • I promise that I will report all incidents of irresponsible spelling - especially chronic offenders - in the journal of the Spelling Police, so that we may all duly poke fun at them and make them miserable help them learn a "more better way to rite."

  • I promise that, from this day forth, I will be a good sport when I get skewered in this community (as we all will from time to time) refrain from making inane spelling errors.
Ours is a constructive critique and advice group. We only make fun of people because we like to laugh. It doesn't mean we don't like them or anything.

In most cases.

Except for maybe that turtlehead guy.

Be all you can be! Join the Spelling Pigs!!

PS: We only care about US-English spelling, so if your country spells things with an extra U or something, we won't acknowledge it. However, we will not make fun of you either.


PPS: Those who engage in the misuse of homonyms are also fair game.

Personal attacks are unacceptable if they are either misspelled or hurtful.

When a dispute arises, the prevailing definition from either the American Heritage College Dictionary or the Revised Webster's Unabridged Dictionary will supersede the argument.

Archaic, colloquial, and non-primary spellings of certain words are up for debate.

Please direct any questions regarding this community to either the Chief (y8s) or the Lieutenant (the1mouse).

The Ashi Exemption:

It is hereby noted that theashifaction has been deemed exempt from any and all discussion with regards to poor spelling because, in the words of Chief y8s, "i mean shit, she's crazy."

That is all. Thank you for playing.